My Background


I have both a social science and a legal background.  I have worked as a mediator since 1996. 

My academic qualifications include a BA Social Work (South Australian Institute of Technology) 1979, Graduate Certificate in Mediation (University of South Australia) 1996 and a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) (University of Adelaide) 2005. 

I am a Nationally Accredited Mediator and an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Provider pursuant to the Family Law Act. 

After completing my Mediation qualification I worked in the community sector and established a mediation service which provided mediation services in the city and northern suburbs.  

I have mediated hundreds of family law matters and  worked as a Family Consultant at the Adelaide Registry of the Family Court. In this role I mediated children’s disputes and prepared reports for the Court. 

My career as a social worker, mediator and lawyer has meant that I have worked closely with people who are experiencing some of the most difficult times in their lives.  

I understand the stress that people experience around the time of separation and am able to work effectively with them to deal with conflict and to reach agreements.  I aim to assist people to reach agreements that will work for them and their children.

I have conducted my own general legal practice and provided a consultant service to other firms.  This has given me an exposure to most areas of the law and an understanding of the complexity of some family laws property issues.  

As well as family law matters I have mediated civil and estate disputes.

I am able to assist people to understand the family law process, the options that are open to them and the implications of going to court.